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Millions of people across the globe have benefited from Tiger Balm and its family of products. Hear from users on how Tiger Balm has made a positive difference in their lives.

  • A few years ago, I tried tiger balm for my neck and it worked great gave me soothing relief from the pain. not too long ago i starting feeling pain in my right shoulder, it was painful. I got a free sample of tiger balm neck and shoulder rub and it was great. the pain went away that was in my shoulder. it gave me relief, it was great so when ever i feel pain in my shoulder or my neck i use the tiger balm and it takes the pain away. its better than anything else ive ever tried.

    deborah hort , United States
    Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub

  • I love it. I Will never use anything else. I use it almost daily!!

    Allison L Bayles Aberly , United States
    Tiger Balm Joint Rub

  • My boyfriend and i use tiger balm almost everyday, he has a bad back and neck , and I bad joints due to lupus, so we go through tiger balm very fast.. We will never use anything else because nothing else works, we have tried. We only hoped that we could get bigger jars, the jars are so small and we go through 3 to 4 jars in a month and they are not cheap. Other than that we love you forever TIGER BALM!

    Genelle Edwards , United States
    Tiger Balm Red

  • I heard about Tiger Balm from the Joe Rogan podcast. I banged my knee pretty bad in Jui-Jitsu, so I went to the store and saw this product that a lot of people swear by. I tried it and I love it. The pain either goes away completely or goes away enough so it won't bother me. Thanks Tiger Balm!

    Justin Barczynski , United States
    Tiger Balm Joint Rub

  • Tiger Balm has helped me at headaches, at cold

    Ekaterina Sharapova , Russian Federation
    Tiger Balm Red

  • When I started practicing Uechi-Ryu Karate, the first thing my Sensei mentioned after the word "sore" was "Tiger Balm." Thanks for making a product that I can depend on, even when I regularly and repeatedly hit hard wooden objects.

    Keith Underriner , United States
    Tiger Balm Red

  • I was traveling in Thailand and suffering from lots of mosquito bites the first time I experienced Tiger Balm. I had heard of it but never tried it myself until I purchased some at my hotel in Phuket. I instantly applied it to my bites and got instant relief. Over the last 10 yrs I have used Tiger Balm on other insect bites, sore and swollen joints, and muscle pains. I am so happy to see all the new products and hopefully milder scents so that I can take and/or wear Tiger Balm out. Thank you! Tiger Balm is the only thing you need in your medicine cabinet!

    Melissa Johnstone , United States
    Tiger Balm White

  • I've used Tiger Balm since I was a teenager when Tiger Balm came in very small red containers. When my neighbor who was a Cuban Chinese sold it in his business and he use to give me samples for my headaches and female problems...and I still use today for arthritis acne and pain!!

    Elizabeth M. Guerra , United States
    Tiger Balm Red

  • I have severe shoulder pain. Within minutes of applying a patch the pain is started to be relieved. This works better for me than Percocet,Vicodin,Tylenol/codeine. I have been prescribed many heavy duty pain killers and the patch is by far better.

    Jan Lawrence , United States
    Tiger Balm Plaster (Warm)

  • wonderful for muscle spasms and headaches

    k kiamanesh same , United States
    Tiger Balm Red

  • highly efficient to used it to my self...this product has been used for generations....a very good medicine

    Azryna Abdul raman , Malaysia
    Tiger Balm Red

  • My boyfriend and I use Tiger Balm Ultra every day. He has bone spurs in his shoulder and has cronic back pain due to kidneys, I use it for bad back. This product is wonderful, better than anything else we have ever used. Lol also great for them really hot nights, just put some of the ultra rub on, you'll stay cool all night, no need for AC :)

    Dana Mondragon , United States
    Tiger Balm Red

  • My family swears by Tiger Balm. We use it for absolutely everything! Muscle aches, head aches, mosquito bites, cramps, congestion, behind the ears for a pick-me-up... the list goes on. Thank you for this magic product! It has been my friend since I was a child.

    Jane Kelly , United States
    Tiger Balm Red

  • We have been using this since 25years including my parents, mostly used against Insect bites and Sprains. especially was very soothing due to heat effect when rubbing, provides instant soothing, was one of the most effective herbal medicine our family has ever used

    Sequeira Neil , India
    Tiger Balm Red

  • I work as a hairdresser and after a long day my calf muscles ache so I rub tiger balm on them , it is a god send for me, I love this product ... It woks better than anything I have ever used.:)

    Lisa Wallace , Australia
    Tiger Balm Red

  • I have been victim of frequent headcahes since childhood.I can go without water for one day but I do not leave the house without tiger balm in my bag.It s very effective and soothing especially during head splitting migraines.Pls never stop manufacturing this product.

    radhika c , India
    Tiger Balm Red

  • When I go on vacation to tropical regions, I always have my Tiger Balm White with me. It is extremely efficient for mosquito bites. They don't itch, they don't swell. Fantastic!!!

    Stephanie Baud , Switzerland
    Tiger Balm White

  • i use this product for headache & was relieved of the pain.

    shanthini jeyadevan , Canada
    Tiger Balm Red

  • I have been using this product for over 30 years, I use it for headaches and muscle aches. I have never found anything that works as well as the Red Tiger Balm. It's the best and it works the longest. I don't know what I would do without it.

    Tracy Brummel , United States
    Tiger Balm Red

  • After having unexplained chestpain and back pain for 18 month i was desperate for some relief. After all tests ruled out my heart, lungs and food pipe. I was left with a uneplained chest wall injury. possible costochondritis. After prescription nsaids were not bringing me relief i one night before bed tried tiger balm. Slept pain free all night and the next day was my only pain free day in months. I no longer use the prescription nsaids. The pain still comes and goes but just a little tiger balm on the painful areas and the relief is there within 10 to 15 mins. Its literally changed my life.

    Justin Lake , Canada
    Tiger Balm White

  • I'm using the "Tiger Balm Ultra", I could not find that in the product selection, but here's the reason: I am a martial artist, and my shins have been hurting strangely bad, and I just put some on for the first time, and it works amazingly. With a cool/hot feeling. I reccommend Tiger Balm for every martial artist, it takes away pain from training.

    William (or Craig) Ramsey , United States
    Tiger Balm Red

  • I am a Tour Manager for a Tour Operator in South East Asia and I . . . . . am a Tiger Balm addict! Tiger Balm is the quintessential traveller’s tool. I probably use it myself on a daily basis for just about everything from insect bites, travel sickness, headaches, nausea and dizziness. With long days on my feet I find it is a great way wind down and to end a day with a gentle calf massage and after lugging a backpack around all day I use it to ease neck tension giving me a better nights rest. I am leading up to 30 people at a time for up to 25 days and they suffer from much of the same symptoms along the way. My clients often laugh as I lather them up with tiger balm, joking I should be a Tiger Balm sales rep! But soon enough even the non-believers will eventually ask if they may borrow some of the remarkable rub! Each time they are equally amazed of its many varied uses and effectiveness. Occasionally I have those mornings where it is a little harder to get out of bed and face those 30 people who look to me for enthusiasm and feed off my excitement for the day. I quite often apply a little TB to my temples and in minutes my eyes are open, my head feels clear and I am ready to attack the day with my game face on! Tiger Balm will always have a place in my backpack or on my shelf and I hope to continue share the Tiger Balm love with anyone who hasn’t experienced it yet. I am thinking about getting a Tiger Balm tattoo . . . . is that a little obsessive ha-ha!

    Jonny Hughes , Australia
    Tiger Balm White

  • I was run down by a car in March 2009, that resulted in a broken tibia, unfortunately the bone broke into the knee joint. I enjoy running and participate in 10km and ½ marathons, obviously my knee never fully recovered and I learned to live with a constant “bearable pain”. Every now and then after a tough race, difficult workout or simply because I did not listen to my body’s warning signs and run too much the knee starts hurting with every step I take this means that some medication is needed. TIGER BALM RED helps most of the time. I tried numerous ointments and sprays with various results, but when I started using TIGER BALM RED the pain relieve came approximately within half an hour and with a second application the next day and some rest usually one day I am ready to run again. Thank you for this mighty helper.

    Bessam Quraishy , Czech Republic
    Tiger Balm Red

  • I came across tiger balm for the first time while I lived in Kenya. Tiger balm was very effective for back pain I had from an old injury in Switzerland. As expats we move to other countries from time to time. After Kenya my husband was posted in Tanzania. One day going on safari to Ngorongoro crater my husband didn't see a big depression on the road, the car flew up in the air and when it landed back on the road I suffered an injury to my back, in fact I could hardly move. We were 10h away from any hospital and decided to proceed to the lodge where we stayed 2 nights. I was in terrific pain and was given some pills and cream to rub on. Unfortunately I had left tiger balm at home. When I returned I was considering flying to Europe to have it properly checked and treated but I started immediately treating it with tiger balm. As I said the pain was excruciating but the moment I started to use tiger balm the pain subsided considerably and within a few days I seemed to be over my injury. I believe in tiger balm and now I always take tiger balm with me when I travel. We are now posted in Uganda and unfortunately we cannot find tiger balm here so I have to ask friends to bring it over for me when they travel to Kampala. Tiger balm is a wonderful product and natural so I would recommend it to anyone.

    Luisa Sharp , Portugal
    Tiger Balm White

  • I was first introduced to Tiger Balm red when I was around 13. I started martial arts when I was around 4 or so and we always trained really hard. At around 13 I started switched styles of martial arts (American Kenpo Karate), they lived by Tiger Balm at that dojo. Anyway I used it for many years and told many people about it and all have thought it a pancea. It's been about 6 years since I've used it and there have been many times I should have used it. I had put it in the back of my mind and forgot about it. I recently started working out again after 6 years of little physical activity; I pretty much tried to train like I did years ago. Needless to say I was hurt bad, I could barely walk. I stopped by walmart this morning and purchased two jars, one for me and one for my co-worker. Again I could barely walk, about 1 minute after applying Tiger Balm red to my quads it was as if I never had any pain at all. As soon as my co-worker came in I gave her the jar I bought her. She was complaining of her shoulder hurting; I rubbed it in to her shoulder and with in minutes she was saying it was a miracle cure! She kept telling me how bad it was hurting and how she could hardly move it, and now it doesn't hurt at all. Enough of my rambling, I just want to say thank you Tiger Balm for helping me and many others over the years. Tiger Balm is amazing, I'll continue to recommend it to everyone I know. VR Jason

    Jason Young , United States
    Tiger Balm Red

  • I suffer with arthritis in many parts of my body, so I have to take a lot of pain relief; sometimes the pain is constant and I use Tiger Balm to relieve the pain in my joints. As soon as it is rubbed on the skin you can feel it penetrating through to sore joints; I keep a supply of it and all my family use it too.

    Barbara Jeffries , United Kingdom
    Tiger Balm White

  • Lower back problems are the worst. Deep muscle pain. Nothing worked. I found my old boxing workout bag in the closet that had Tiger Balm Red that must have been about 25 years old. A little Tiger Balm and everything is right in the world.

    Ariana Nicole Alexander , United States
    Tiger Balm Red

  • My job causes me a lot of stress. After a long day in the office, Tiger Balm helps me to loosen my muscles and relax.

    Stephanie Langill , Canada
    Tiger Balm Red

  • My husband was suffering from persistent tension headaches for about a fortnight. I often use tiger balm for aches and pains, so offered to give him a neck and shoulder massage using some. After two or three short massages with tiger balm red, his headaches went away completely. Tiger balm white is also the best remedy I know for stopping mosquito bites from itching.

    Emily Rogers , United Kingdom
    Tiger Balm Red

  • i pulled a muscle in my neck when i was stretching in bed two days before my degree show, someone recommended tiger balm, worked like a charm and i still have some left as a little goes a long way. Awesome stuff.

    helen murphy , United Kingdom
    Tiger Balm Joint Rub

  • I have spent fortunes trying to cure athlete's feet with traditional expensive treatments. I started applying Tiger Balm Red every evening on clean feet. within 10 days the aspect was already improved and over several weeks the skin is clearing in a way never reached with other treatments.

    Sophie Rousseau , France
    Tiger Balm Red

  • I suffered from repetitive train injury in the ankles due to walking long distances at speed on concrete paths at work, time off was needed to recover somewhat slowly. I started using Tiger Balm Red Ointment on the affected areas, within hours I was limber, pain free, I am mobile again! This ointment has taken years off my life.

    Tony L , Australia
    Tiger Balm Red

  • My mom is suffering from problems with the spine and neck (after opertions). Your warm plaster bring her rest and relief. Thank you, Pavel

    Pavel Sustr , Czech Republic
    Tiger Balm Plaster (Warm)

  • I have had a frozen shoulder for over six months now. I have tried cortisone shots and pills, muscle relaxers, anti inflamatory medications massages and physical therapy. Nothing was working or helping my shoulder. The adhesions would not loosen up and besides being locked where I could not raise it above my waist, I was in severe pain each night while trying to sleep. I started self massage with Tiger Balm a week ago. I use it at night and in the morning. My pain is gone! I am gaining about 2 inches per day in mobility. I still continue to exercise it but at this rate I am expecting full movement very soon. Thank you! Susan Oliver

    Susan Oliver , United States
    Tiger Balm Liniment

  • Ultra cause I can use it on everything. I first discovered Tiger Balm back in 2001 when I was going through chemo therapy for cancer. I have not stopped using this miracle stuff. Today I still use this for all my other conditions such as arthritis and severe back pain and the numbness on my left side. Thanks Tiger Balm for being a GREAT Product!

    Carrie Goodin , United States
    Tiger Balm Red

  • My husband first discovered Tiger Balm when he was taking Tae Kwan Do 30 years ago, and introduced it to me then. I have had a chronic lower back problem for more than a decade. On many mornings and on some evenings the pain is excruciating. Tiger Balm basically helps me function for hours, so we always keep a supply handy. The best part is it is all natural as we hate all the synthetic products out there. Thank you for keeping it real!

    L. Baier , Spain
    Tiger Balm White

  • Tiger Balm Plaster (cool) is cooling. It helps me with my backache and it works for several hours. I love it! The adhesive is helpful, and the cooling effect is immediate. I've used other brands, but this is the best.

    Felix Tan , Singapore
    Tiger Balm Plaster (Cool)

  • I am a tri-athlete and after every marathon I suffer from muscle aches. Having used many other types of other medicated plaster, I prefer using Tiger Balm as it has been more effective in providing fast-relief as compared to other medicated plasters. Its adhesive plasters are also easy to stick and remove without experiencing any pain. Overall this product is very good and I would recommend it to all my other friends.

    Issac Jensen , Australia
    Tiger Balm Plaster (Cool)

  • The product helped me in relieving my muscle ache which had been bugging me for days. It is highly affordable and I've always rely on Tiger Balm since a long time ago.

    Kaitlyn Armstrong , United States
    Tiger Balm Plaster (Cool)

  • This have effectively ease my muscle pain. Besides that, it is easy to take off, and doesn't hurt. And it's cooler than other brands. I've been using since I was 15, and it have never disappoint me.

    Diana R. , United States
    Tiger Balm Plaster (Cool)

  • I used to study in a boarding school in Ellesmere, Shropshire in the late 1970s and 1980s. There was a German nurse there in charge of the sick bay who was in her late 50s. One day, when I was there to get some medicine for a flu, we got to chatting and she found out that I was from Malaysia. Immediately, she started to regale me with stories of her time in Malaya during the 1950s, as a Red Cross nurse at the height of the Emergency. She was quite a character and had wonderful stories to tell about treating both military and civilian personnel during the Emergency. Whenever I flew home during the summer holidays, she would always ask me to bring back some Tiger Balm. She said that found how useful it was during her time in Malaya and had used it to treat her aches and pains, as well as for tummy aches. She couldn't get any in England at that time and you should have seen her face when I brought back some for her. Priceless!

    Kok Liang Chew , Malaysia
    Tiger Balm White

  • tiger balm is great. i use it when im sore after a martial art training. the smell is awesome and i dont mind using it cause it relieves me from muscle straining.

    Jean-Nicolas Verreault , Canada
    Tiger Balm Ultra Thin Patch

  • I play roller derby, which is an extreme contact sport. In tournaments, we are likely to play 5-6 bouts in 2 or 3 days. Aches and bruises are inevitable. Whether I have another hour long game in 20 minutes or 8am the next morning, I know that Tiger Balm's soothing menthol is powerful enough to get my mind off the pain and on to the next game. For our 2014 season--which starts in January for the all-stars--I plan to give Tiger Balm to every team that plays our league. "This stuff is THE BALM." <3 Anita Schuring "Anita Riot" Dallas Derby Devils, Atom All Stars

    anita schuring , United States
    Tiger Balm Red

  • This stuff works great! I'm a drummer and have had issues with the muscles in my right hand. I apply the Tiger balm to it and a few minutes later I have amazing RELIEF. MY DRUMMING CAREER LIVES ON! THANK TIGER BALM!

    Scott mifflin Scott mifflin , United States
    Tiger Balm Red

  • My previous employer (toy industry) introduced tiger balm red and its effects to me in 2002. (now I know: unfortunately) never really used it back then ... until I moved to China (Shenzhen) for two years in 2012 ... IT RELIEVES whenever I have a slight feeling of catching a cold ... IT RELIEVES muscle aches in my back ... THANK YOU TIGER BALM - I NEVER WALK WITHOUT YOU IN MY POCKET (seriously!)

    Kerstin Sandra (Shā Shā 莎莎) Hoffmann , Germany
    Tiger Balm Red

  • Growing-pains aren't fun when you're a kid. Luckily, my dad once tried smearing Tiger Balm on my leg, and after that it was the only remedy to endure becoming taller.

    Kim Atterstrom , Sweden
    Tiger Balm Red

  • I have been in the Massage Industry in Australia for about 16 years and during this time I have consistently used Tiger Balm Red and White for such effective relief for my Patients. I advise continued work at home using this wonderful product. Thank You so much. Anton Noles R.M.T BodyWorks of Naracoorte

    Anton Noles , Australia
    Tiger Balm Red

  • I've had gas problems for years! My wife always jokes that she will divorce me (she even got the papers). So my friend recommended Tiger Balm. I had my doubts but the product worked like a charm! I rubbed that on the inside of my bum and I was lost in the cool ecstasy of menthol goodness. Oh the smell lit up the room like mother cooking (except good). It was like my my gas left me completely and my butt was an air freshener! I even would dutch oven myself to just to smell the wonderful aroma of what I believe Narnia would smell like! This is a great product and I recommend it to all who have gas issues! Seriously it saved my marriage!

    Steve "Sweaty" Buckis , United States
    Tiger Balm White

  • I suffer upper-back pain, stiff shoulders and neck due to high stress level associated with my doctoral study. I tried almost all ointments and gels on the shelves. Local pharmacists have prescribed few drugs and supplements but nothing work. I discovered Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub and Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub Boost by accident and was quite reluctant to try it at first (as nothing has worked). A childhood memory of my great grandmother who was a loyal user of Red Tiger Balm actually made me buy and try these two products. To my surprise, the pain is gone and Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub and Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub Boost are my best friends ever since.

    Diebaa Ali , Malaysia
    Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub

  • I had injured my tailbone and it had resulted in shooting pains down my leg. I tried other topical pain relievers and they made it sooo much worse. I gave tiger balm a try before bed and in the morning 95% of the pain was gone!

    Kristin R , United States
    Tiger Balm White

  • Tiger balm Red. A great product,effective and instant relief from headaches. Used by my whole family a brand you can trust upon

    felix george felix , India
    Tiger Balm Red

  • I am not taking narcotics for my sciatica pain anymore. Wonderful product.

    Molly Stokes , United States
    Tiger Balm Plaster (Warm)

  • I have twice purchased Tiger Balm Ultra Strength, and I am quite happy with the results that I have experienced with your product. My hats off to you with many thanks!

    Maurice Grimes , United States
    Tiger Balm White

  • I just wanted to let you know my father was having severe knee pain and in tears on some days. He heard about your products on the Dr Oz show and now uses ONLY TIGER BALM. He will no longer use anything else. You’ve made my life easier!

    Thanks for making such a wonderful product!!!!!  

    Belinda Beck , United States
    Tiger Balm White

  • I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate your product. Nearly a year ago, I contracted a fungus on my feet which moved to my legs and hands. I was treated with the usual anti-fungal medicines both over the counter and prescriptions. I was becoming desperate after several months when nothing worked. All the medicines did was burn my hands.

    I had a conversation with a friend in Reno, Nevada about my condition. She advised me to use Tiger Balm! I had heard of it but only for arthritis.

    Within 30 days of using Tiger Balm my symptoms began to decrease. Little by little I began to heal. It took nearly four months of use, but what the doctors couldn’t do with their medicines, I did with Tiger Balm. I keep it in my medicine cabinet at all times and now I just need it for the bad knees.

    Your product was recommended to my friend by a doctor who prescribed it for a fungus on her hands! Thank you again for your product. It warmed my skin which killed the fungus! Bu it didn’t burn the skin.   

    Cyndie Leifermann , United States
    Tiger Balm White

  • Hi, my name is Sandra and I live in North Carolina (USA). Just wanted to tell you how much I like your product.

    A couple of months ago I tore my Rotator Cuff. I have a lot of pain from this. My son Tiger Balm told me about Red Tiger Balm so I got some. He said that it was very good. I out it on my shoulder and arm, boy it went to work fast. It helps with the pain and I like the smell.  It also works for hours. I can put it on when I go to bed and I can sleep all night when I used to have trouble sleeping because of the pain. It also helps me to breathe better.

    I am so glad I found Tiger Balm. Thank you for a great product.

    Sandra Clarke , United States
    Tiger Balm Red

  • Your product has worked wonders! 

    I purchased some Tiger Balm White due to the suggestion of a pharmacist for ankle/knee pain I was having and it relieved it. I found out my pain was due to a medication I was on, which I have since stopped taking, but was pleased with the results Tiger Balm gave me during this time.

    My dad has had knee pain for years, so recently while home visiting my parents, I decided to pass my Tiger Balm on to him. He has had great success with it. It used to take him four good tries to get out of his chair, and now he is up on his first try. I am thrilled that your product has made such a difference in his life.

    Carolyn Price , Canada
    Tiger Balm White

  • I thought I would write a quick email to express my gratitude and thanks to the makers of Tiger Balm & the Aw Chu Kin family and descendants, who have developed a very effective natural remedy for many different ailments.

    I've used Tiger Balm for many year as a Jujitsuka and find it an invaluable addition to my kit bag, and I frequently recommend it to other students & colleagues within the dojo & work, as a replacement to other non-natural balms & rubs.

    Again, my heartfelt thanks goes to everyone in the Tiger Balm family.

    James Ellis , United Kingdom
    Tiger Balm Red

  • I picked up Tiger Balm when I was in Vietnam last summer.  It’s so awesome to know that it’s available to purchase online. I am a busy college student who often plays soccer and basketball. I get shin splits a lot and Tiger Balm is awesome. It’s also good to rub on your belly when you have cramps. I love this product!

    Also, thank you for using very diverse pictures on your website. It’s warming to see so many wonderful/beautiful families represented on the homepage. Tiger Balm is for everyone. 

    Stephanie Fillyaw , United States
    Tiger Balm White

  • A really long time ago a friend got me a small, small container of your product and I thought I would use it and I never really did. It's been sitting around for at least 5 years.

    Usually I use a heating pad for muscle aches and it works. But recently, I have had several VERY BIG, horrible, can't-sleep-at-night, relentless knotted pain in my back and I went crazy looking for that little tin of Tiger Balm.

    I found it and just one application made it better in a day. I still need to apply more, but I have come to a new level of sanity now that I am out of the desperate pain I was in.

    I am sure you already know your product works, but I just wanted to let you know I finally used it and can get some sleep. 

    Kathy Deira , United States
    Tiger Balm White

  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    In December of 2009 I was prescribed a medication for Bronchitis, which I took for 10 days. By the 10th day every joint in my body was causing me excruciating pain. The medicine caused a reaction that caused tendinitis, with the possibility of tendon rupture.

    I found a website that concurred that the medicine had caused this condition and that it was very possible the condition would be irreversible. I am very active and was devastated.

    I had used Tiger Balm Plasters in the past and decided to try them again, hoping that they might help or reverse my condition.

    It took several weeks of diligent usage, but with amazing results. I am now totally pain free and as active as I was before the incident.

    Joan Herrmann , United States
    Tiger Balm Plaster (Warm)

  • I just want to let you all know about 26 years ago I had a bike accident that injured my lower back. Since then I could not find anything for dealing with the pain in my lower back until I found Tiger Balm. 

    Since using Tiger Balm, it has taken out the pain and removed the stress from my lower back and has helped me sleep through the night.

    I just wanted to thank you for your hard and dedicated work you have put into your product. Keep up the excellence in your work ethics!

    David Pembleton , United States
    Tiger Balm White

  • I have been using Tiger Balm for 24 years. When my children were little and would get sick with coughs or colds I would put Tiger Balm on their chest and they would sleep well and stop coughing and get better faster than using traditional medicine. I have trusted Tiger Balm with things like a badly twisted ankel, massaged Tiger Balm on it for one month and it has completely healed. Thank You so much for being apart of healing my family over the years.The only side effects you get from using Tiger Balm is relief. Michelle Escamilla, United States

    Michelle Escamilla The Escamilla Family , United States
    Tiger Balm Red

  • A long time ago when I was a kid my dad brought a container of Tiger Balm Red at home and we have been using it ever since. I suffer from IBS and so try to avoid taking painkillers when necessary. My severe headaches are only cured by Tiger Balm Red and I carry it with me everywhere and recommend it to all my friends. I also used Tiger Balm White when suffering from flu and chest congestion. It helps relieve the tension in my chest when I have a bad cough and helps me to sleep better. A big thank you for the inventors of Tiger Balm...these producs make our life much more easy!

    Maria Castelletti , Malta
    Tiger Balm Red

  • My girlfriend was stung by a jellyfish. We ran it under hot water then applied tigerbalm red. The welts and pain were gone within five minutes

    Matthew Cramp , Australia
    Tiger Balm Red

  • A really long time ago a friend got me a small, small container of your product and I thought I would use it and I never eally did. It's been sitting around for at least 5 years. Usually I use a heating pad for muscle aches and it works.

    But recently, I have had several VERY BIG, horrible, can't-sleep-at-night, relentless knotted pain in my back and I went crazy looking for that little tin of Tiger Balm. I found it and just one application made it better in a day. I still need to apply more, but I have come to a new level of sanity now that I am out of the desparate pain I was in.

    I am sure you already know your product works, but I just wanted to let you know I finally used it and can get some sleep.

    Marion Ravenwood , United States
    Tiger Balm White