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The internationally well-known brand, Tiger Balm, has joined forces with the Born Free Foundation to help endangered tigers, of which there are only 3,500 left worldwide. The ‘Born to Run’ campaign created by Tiger Balm, the brand whose heritage and ethos is based on the strength and vitality of tigers, and supported by the international wildlife charity, will work towards preventing wildlife poaching - especially the illegal trade in tiger parts.

To mark the launch of the partnership, Artist Emma Fay has created a stunning image of a tigers head. If you look closely, the majestic face is created from body painted models. The image, made out of human parts of the body, has been created to raise awareness of the tiger facing extinction, specifically focussing on the illegal trade of animal body parts.

To kick start the campaign, 150 runners in tiger suits is being created to take part in the British 10K, July 13th. The ‘Born to Run’ Team Tiger Balm will be fronted by TV presenter Michaela Strachan with all participants dressed as tigers to raise money for the Born Free Foundation. Tiger Balm Red, the brand’s topical painkiller for muscular aches and pains, and every runners friend, has sponsored the British 10K since 2012, helping the runners to not just compete, but to compete with confidence.

Michaela Strachan says of her involvement; ”I‘m passionate about the conservation of animals so being asked to run as part of the Born to Run campaign at this year’s British 10K was an easy decision. I’m really excited to train for this race and run with over 149 other runners in the ‘Born to Run’ Tiger Balm Team.”

Mr AK Han, Director of Haw Par Corporation comments; “The founder of Tiger Balm left china in the 1870’s for Rangoon, Myanmar, to start his shop selling Chinese medicines including ointment. It was his son, Aw Boon Haw, who named the Ointment after himself as his name means gentle tiger. He adopted the leaping tiger logo to symbolise strength and vitality. Being internationally famous for its relief of aches and pains, it is befitting for Tiger Balm to partner Born Free Foundation in its efforts to raise funds and awareness of the plight of the tiger. Tiger Balm has sponsored the British 10K race as a great way for people to stay healthy and active and to support the Born Free Foundation.”

To win a place on the ‘Born to Run’ Team Tiger Balm team raising money for Born Free Foundation please log onto the Facebook page or to donate please visit the Just Giving page.


For the last two years, Tiger Balm has sponsored the biggest 10K road race in the UK – the British 10K in central London. Specifically, Tiger Balm Red, the brands topical painkiller for muscular aches and pains and every runner’s best friend – is taking the partnership to a new level in 2014.

This year, Tiger Balm Red and the Born Free Foundation have joined forces to create the ‘Born to Run’ Team Tiger Balm to raise awareness of the plight of the tiger and the illegal trade of animal parts. Tiger Balm and Born Free are creating their very own ‘tiger army’ of runners in this year’s B10K race, the third year Tiger Balm has been a sponsor of the UK’s biggest 10K road race.

Tiger Balm Red has created the sponsorship to benefit runners and athletes, both amateur and professional, but also those with a keen eye on keeping physically fit. Tiger Balm Red soothes muscular aches and pains and can be applied as often as necessary. Perfect for all B10K entrants and fitness enthusiasts, using a product that ‘works where it hurts’ is the difference in helping runners to not just compete, but to compete with confidence.
The tiger, being Tiger Balm brand’s namesake (named after the son of the founder whose name means gentle tiger) wanted to find a positive way to highlight the plight of this much loved creature. Born Free is a long established British charity that works across international territories, drawing attention to the plight of endangered species and the illegal trade of animal parts.

This year’s Tiger Balm has developed the ‘Born to Run’ project which consists of a team of 150 runners. The runners will be pounding the streets of central London on July 13th in 2014’s British 10K.

Go to the Facebook page to learn more, try and win a place on the team, and get involved.
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